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Feb 22, 2018 ... technique of Microstrip antennas, which contains design rule of radiating patch, proper feed position and loading slot on patch . .Keywords- ... Increasing Microstrip Patch Antenna Bandwidth by Inserting Ground ... Microstrip patch antenna (MPA) is widely implemented in different ... its performance like Shorted Patch [2] , Stacked Shorted Patch [3] , Slot-Loading Technique ... Bandwidth Enhancement and Analysis of Designed Rectangular ...

Slots and Notch Loaded Rectangular Stacked Microstrip ...

Microsoft Word - Ijmot_2010_11_30_compact_tripple_​U_slot_loaded Y. X. GUO, K. F. Lee and K. M. A. Luk, “dualband patch antenna with two U-shaped slot”, Microwave

A 28-GHz U-slot Microstrip Patch Antenna for 5G Applications

gain, radiation pattern, return loss, axial ratio and size of an antenna. The slots on the patch or on the ground plane will help to design a antenna with improved bandwidth and effeciency. Key words: microstrip patch antenna, slots, bandwidth, gain, efficiency. 1.INTRODUCTION Microstrip slot antennas invented in 1938 by Alan Blumlein. 42. Design of Slot Loaded Stacked Wideband Microstrip ... Design of Slot Loaded Stacked Wideband Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wireless Communications Deepak Shukla, Ram Singh Kushwaha, Archna Sharma, D.K.Srivastava Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, RITS Bhopal, INDIA Abstract: A simple, compact, slot loaded stacked wideband microstrip patch antenna is presented in this ... Design and Fabrication of Slot-Loaded Microstrip Patch ... The simulated and measured results of the proposed antennas are presented in Section III and IV, respectively. A comparative analysis of all data is given in Section V. Section VI concludes the research work findings. II.DESIGN OF SLOT-LOADED MICROSTRIP PATCH ANTENNA The return loss characteristic of a conventional MPA has several resonant peaks.

SHIVNARA YAN et al.: SLOT- LOADED RECTANGULAR MICROSTRIP PATCH ANTENNA 425 the present work, the patch is fed by co-axial cable (50 ohm). Since the slot is thin, the voltage can be sinusoidal with zero voltage across the ends of slot.

Radioengineering - September 2018, Volume 27, Number 3 [DOI: 10 LIU, J., Jackson, D., LONG, Y. Substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) leaky-wave antenna with transverse slots. IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, 2012, vol. 60, no. 1, p. 20–29. 06524352 | Antenna (Radio) | Telecommunications Engineering Prakash Kumar Mishra 1 , Ritu Raaj 2 , Preeti Maddhyeshia 3 , Rajesh Kumar Vishwakarma 4, Department of ECE, JUET, Raghogarh Guna E-mail: 1 , 4 Abstract- This paper presents an experimental … EUMA Specifically, by employing the magnetic/electric mixed coupling (MEMC), source?load coupling (S?L coupling) and stepped-impedance resonators, a dual-band bandpass filter with two pairs of contr Taconic :: Technical Articles